Pledging a College Fraternity Story

Oh Man! This brings back my hazing nightmares! I went to a well known Ivy school in the late 60’s. The year before there was a fatal incident at a frat hazing that prompted the school to outlaw frat hazings. As a result we freshman went into hell week with an attitude that we were untouchable. Little did we know!
The final night came and we were gathered together, six of us and told that the frat would not be hazing us but there would be a ceremony and that we were to be led to it blindfolded. We lined up blindfolded and were helped to place a hand on the shoulder of the pledge in front of us. We were led fully clothed across campus until we arrived at a building and led down a set of stairs into a room. When we arrived we were lined up and had our hands tied over our heads, all the while being told that this was not a hazing and that we were just being given the chance to think about being a member of the frat. We were told to be silent.
I remember thinking that this felt a lot like a hazing to me, but no one had actually done anything to me.
We hung there for what seemed like hours, but was probably 15 minutes, then we heard some foot steps and girlish giggles! I started getting nervous. The noise increased and it became apparent that there were a lot of people coming into the room. Finally someone spoke. The girl called the group to order and told someone else to remove our blindfolds. We looked out over the large space to see 20 or 30 girls gathered in front of us. We were in the basement of our frat’s sister sorority!
The girl continued speaking. She told us that we were there because the school had forbid any frats from hazing their pledges, but had not said anything about sororities doing it. Myself, and I’m sure all the other guys, were suddenly in terror. However, she assured us that sororities were different then frats and their hazings were more of a chance for people to get to know each other better and not anything mean or violent.
She then said that the sorority was looking forward to getting to know us better. She nodded to a few girls who were standing around us and they immediately came over and started taking off our clothes. We jumped around and protested and begged, but we were tied well and there was no mercy from the gleeful girls. Our shirts were cut off and our pants were pulled down and removed while all of the other girls hooted and cheered, until we were left in just our underwear in front of all the girls.
By this time the crowd had increased until the room was filled with so many of the girls that we were going to be spending the next four years with! The cheering died down as the head girl began to speak again. She complimented us on being so open to letting the girls get to know us better, but that it was obvious that we were still hiding the most important parts of us.
We all were in shock. She couldn’t possibly mean that they were going to take off our last covering, but that’s exactly what she meant! There was now a girl standing behind each of us as the crowd pushed closer and started chanting and cheering. Then I felt fingers in the waistband of my underwear, which were quickly pulled down to my ankles. The cheers were a roar! We stood there fully exposed to the entire group. I recall some of the guys tried to turn their backs to the crowd only to receive harsh spanks on their bare butts from the girls behind them. Thankfully this was long before cell phones, so it was only a couple of girls with Polaroid cameras that recorded the event, but the night had just begun.
We were left hanging there as the girls came up for a closer look. Some just giggled or laughed, others asked us questions or said things like ‘Gee you don’t dress like this in English class.” The most bold girl I remember was one who walked up in front of me and said “It’s so nice to meet you.” Then held out her hand to shake mine. She smiled and said, “Oh, you’re hands are occupied, well I guess I’ll just shake this.” and then she just reached down and grabbed my penis and shook it like it was my hand. I nearly died and the others girls laughed uproariously.
I don’t know how long we were there, but it was a long time. Most of the girls had a laugh and drifted away, but a few hardcore ones stuck around and got a little drunk as the torments increased. Just like Mike it was inevitable that they eventually began trying to see who could get us hard. A couple of us, including me had started getting hard right from the start, but it was the guys who hadn’t who suffered the most. The girls weren’t satisfied until we all stood there with our boners pointing toward the sky. And also like Mike’s experience there was very little direct sexual contact, it was mostly teasing and tickling. One girl came up to me and knelt down in front of me. With her face inches from my stuff she asked me if I wanted a blowjob! Everyone, including me was in shock. Then she pursed her lips and blew on my penis! Everyone broke up. I just cringed.
We were finally let loose and ran back to our frat house where the other guys wanted all the details. One of the pledges was so embarrassed that he immediately quit the frat and I didn’t see him around after that, so he might have even left school. For the rest of us the embarrassment went on and on. We’d meet a girl months later and after talking to them a little they’d say something like, “Gee, you look very familiar.” or we’d go to a party and there would be some Polaroids of us up on a sorority house bulletin board.
All in all, it was a very humiliating event, but of course now I look back on it as my greatest flash!

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